Certificate of Authenticity.

A certificate of authenticity for Aboriginal art is a document that accompanies a piece of artwork created by an Indigenous Australian artist. It serves as a formal guarantee that the artwork is genuine and has been produced by the artist stated on the certificate. The certificate of authenticity provides important information about the artwork, including the artist's name, community or tribe affiliation, and often includes details such as the title, dimensions, medium, and date of creation.

The purpose of a certificate of authenticity is to establish the provenance and legitimacy of the artwork. It assures buyers and collectors that the piece they are acquiring is an original work by the specified artist and not a reproduction or forgery. The document is usually signed by the artist or an authorized representative of the artist's community or art center.

Aboriginal art holds cultural significance for Indigenous Australians, and the certificate of authenticity helps protect the integrity of the art and the rights of the artists. It provides evidence of the artist's connection to their cultural heritage and ensures that their work is accurately represented and acknowledged.

When purchasing Aboriginal art, it is advisable to seek artworks that come with a certificate of authenticity issued by a reputable art dealer, gallery, or an Aboriginal art center recognized by the Indigenous Art Code. This helps ensure the authenticity and ethical sourcing of the artwork while supporting the Indigenous artists and their communities.

All original artworks by Presten come with a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity.

Custom Plaques.

If you would like to upgrade your art space and order a plaque, we are more than happy to organise this for you. We can include your story & meaning, Presten's signature and even the symbolism on your plaque which come in lots of custom options, metal, plastic, gold, clear etching, laquered wood backing, anything to help you match your decor or just to make your artwork stand out with that extra little official touch.

Making Of Videos

Enhance your commissioned artwork with an exclusive "Making Of" video of Presten creating your piece.
Immerse yourself in the creative journey as I bring your unique vision to life, capturing every brushstroke and moment of inspiration.
Transform your commission into an emotive and memorable experience for you to treasure forever with behind the scenes access to the artistic process.

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